Dandelion: A Short Rhyming Story for Children

Artist: Thana-one Yazawa

This lovely little rhyming story is for children aged 4 years + and aims to nurture children’s imagination as well as a love for the simple wonders in life such as nature! Read it aloud to your child and enjoy. 


By Michelle Wanasundera

Imagine shrinking teeny tiny like an ant,

crawling along between gigantic plants.


One towering grass looks like the longest reed,

with a puffy top full of fluffy seeds.


A giant dandelion! Bobbing in the breeze.

From your anty view looks like an enormous tree!


You lean on its stem, rocking to its sway,

wondering why things aren’t going your way.


You lost Daddy’s pen then started to cry,

a friend wouldn’t play, you didn’t know why!


Your heart feels heavy, head filling with sad ideas,

confused eyes begin to swell with tears.


At that moment you’re swept up off the ground!

Gripping the stem before blown round and round!


Oh how you’ve longed to take off and fly,

to look down at your home from up so high!


As the seeds flutter behind, you see your cares do too!

Your heart feels light as they float off from you!


Can you imagine anytime taking a breath of air,

that blows away every one of your cares?


Breathe deeply through your nose (inhale) – don’t let sad ideas stay,

breathe out through your mouth (exhale) – watch them fly away!


When yucky thoughts pop in your head day or night –

imagine they’re seeds to blow away with your might!

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