Don’t Get Caught Short: Subscription Service Delivers Organic Tampons to Your Door

Crimson Organic

Take care of your body from the inside out, with organic tampons. Crimson Organic believe that women deserve ready access to menstrual products at home, at work or in their place of study. To make this as easy as possible, they sell their certified organic tampons by subscription and provide automated delivery to your door – making life that little bit easier. We spoke to founder and managing director Vicki Scott to learn more about how they got started.

Vicki Scott – founder and managing director at Crimson Organic
The passion: What inspired you to set up your business?

Funnily enough, it was my maternal instinct to check what was actually in the tampons I’d started buying for my teenage daughter. I found they contained plastic, chemicals, pesticides, and synthetics. Before then, I’d never given any thought to what I was putting into my body each month. But it was a different story when it came to my own daughter.  

I started hunting around for an alternative for her and discovered that the safer option was a 100% organic cotton tampon. These were expensive, hard to find, and I couldn’t get them in the mini size for her small body. I was pretty sure I couldn’t be the only mum who wanted safe period care for her daughter and didn’t want to pay the earth for it. And so that’s how it all began. Crimson offers 100% certified organic cotton tampons at supermarket prices delivered to your door each month.

The monthly delivery idea came out of frustration over the number of times I’d been “caught short” because I’d get so caught up in the busyness of family life and being a working parent, that I’d forget my own needs. I thought if men can get their razors delivered to their door (e.g. Dollarshave) then why not tampons for us women? It would make our lives a hell of a lot easier.

The Launch: How did you start out in the beginning?

We launched with a social media campaign and selling online via our website. Women loved the idea of tampons being delivered to them at home each month. Our lives are so busy now, we’re always looking for things that give us more time to do the things we want. Within a few months we had developed a steady customer base. Next, we were approached by a number of eco-type stores who wanted to stock our product. 

The innovation: What was the biggest breakthrough for you with your business?

Bringing organic tampons and periods into mainstream conversation. We don’t talk enough about periods and the challenges that come with managing them at home, work or just in our daily lives. Some women have terrible period pain and really heavy periods. Before Crimson, I’d never connected my cramping or the itch and irritation I felt during my period to what was in my tampons. 

Crimson tampons are made from pure certified organic cotton, grown in a region of Turkey that produces the longest cotton fibers in the world, meaning they are the most hypoallergenic and microbial infection resistant tampon in the world. Our customers regularly tell us that their cramps and irritation have lessened after using our tampons.

Once you’ve made the switch you won’t go back. And, being organic they are kind to the both the planet and workers because they biodegrade quickly and don’t contain pesticides.

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