Ethical Choices to Inspire a Healthy, Sustainable Lifestyle

Awaken Holistic Lifestyle Store

By Chanelle McGibbon

Rituals which draw celebration and life to a home begin with the knowledge of the awakening within. Collectively, there is a global shift toward a more consumer conscious world. We feel more empowered and enabled as parents to make better choices for our families and for the footprint we will leave on Mother Earth. 

Emotional healing and wellness come from many different modalities, which are all directed by the same oscillation of energy frequencies within us that allow us to elevate our own personal light. 

Healing such as Reiki and Rongoā and the use of ancient energy tools, including crystals, incense and smudge sticks, refresh stagnant energy from our homes. These rituals have been practised for thousands of years and are passed down to us by our ancestors. We honour these ancient practices with intention and are grateful for the knowledge provided.

As we come into alignment with the energy of ever-changing frequencies, we create relationships that are communal no matter where we reside or what our differences are. Human connection is vital, sharing our heart light so that we may fill each other up with love and care. This is the joy of showing what we are feeling without judgement of another.

Awaken Store was born from this concept of natural, health and eco conscious products all in a physical space, from where we can engage and have a tactile experience.

My mum Jocelyn Oades is an inspiration to so many including myself. She is a Reiki Master Teacher who supports individuals and families with wellness, healing and personal development. Many of these tools and rituals have been present throughout her life and taught to us, so I too wanted to create a platform to share these techniques and a more mindful way of life. We focus on tools to assist with healing and clearings, while also supporting our modern lives with eco-friendly, consumer conscious and ethical alternatives to everyday household items. We lay emphasis on your home, yourself, your wellness and your children. 

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