Experience a real house fire through 360 video & virtual reality

People are prompted to enter their address when commencing the Escape My House VR activity. Once they reach the end and have made it out of the house safely onto the street, they will be confronted with an image of their own home burning down in front of them, pulled in via Google StreetView.

They will then be asked to make their own escape plan for their homes. The Escape My House experience flows into an online Escape Planner Tool that prompts them to check smoke alarms, clear windows and exit paths and, most importantly, set a safe meeting place.

New Zealand Fire Service’s Escape My House Safety Tips:

  • Make sure everyone in the household knows the safe meeting place so you know if everyone has safely escaped
  • Have an escape plan to get everyone quickly to the safe meeting place
  • Your escape plan must start with having working smoke alarms to alert you to a fire
  • Have more than one exit from every room. Be aware of what obstacles are in your way that could block your escape path
  • In the event of a fire leave your possessions behind, just get out fast! Close doors to prevent the spread of fire
  • Get down, get low, get out and stay out.

Escape My House is best experienced through a VR headset or Google cardboard, with a smart phone and headphones for an immersive experience. It can also be used on mobile, tablet and a computer, without the VR component, as a 360 video.

www.escapemyhouse.co.nz | #EscapeMyHouse

[i] TNS Fire Knowledge and Communications 2016 Research Report.

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