Feeling Feelings: Parent with Passion

By Deanne Atkinson

Parent with Passion is all about feelings. A spiritual approach to parenting which nurtures positive emotions. Parent with Passion provides Parent Coaching, Spiritual Counselling and Meditation CDs to help let go of negativity.

A Spiritual approach to parenting

There are two main aspects which are considered

  1. Parenting from the child’s point of view and supporting their emotional health
  2. Supporting parents to free themselves from negative emotions which may be affecting their parenting approach

Children’s behaviour

Children will tell you what is going on for them through their behaviour. If they don’t like the way you are parenting them their behaviour will tell you. Perhaps you are too overpowering or controlling and they are rebelling. By taking a step back to look at the bigger picture your child might be crying out to be heard. No one likes to be repressed. Children will also mirror their parents. If mum or dad is bossy their child may copy this and be bossy in nature too. They learn from what is in front of them, just like we did when we were children.

Growing independent and confident children

By giving your child freedom to express themselves and giving them choices with consequences, you are supporting them to grow confidence and independence. Treating them with equality will give them freedom and build their self-belief. Instead of instructing your child and telling them what to do all the time, give them choices with the understanding of the outcomes of those choices. Children will learn quickly the difference between a bad choice and a good choice. Life is full of choices and building this skill early helps build their independence. Sometimes we need to change our own negative behavioural patterns. Children will often respond positively to the change. By letting go of yelling and nagging parenting becomes more fulfilling and enjoyable.

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