Finding Yoga: The Rash That Started The Restoration

By Lisa Cheaney-Hogan

It started with a rash. Well, let’s back up. It really didn’t start with a rash, the warning signs were present for months leading up to this rash – blemishes, increased mid-section weight, loss of patience, exhaustion.


I knew it was the stress of being a full-time working mum with unrealistic expectations I put on myself (anybody else a type A, first born out there?!).  I always had passed it off and figured tea, a bubble bath and fresh air would do the trick. 

About a month ago, my usual “go-tos” had just stopped working. Stepped out of a bubble bath and felt wildly nauseous to the point I had to lay down. Staring at the ceiling I knew I had to change something. Mummying was the number one priority, I needed to work (and enjoyed work) and already had made several commitments that I would be seeing through. I texted my husband to come upstairs and announced to him, “I think I need to do yoga.” With full support, and still laying down in a wet towel, I google searched until I found one that offered late enough classes that let me do my mum thing and work thing. I signed up on a Wednesday, started on a Thursday and attended eight sessions in a three week span. 

I’m hooked. 

This practice has allowed me the opportunity to be… me. Just me. Not mum, not teacher, not wife; just me. I haven’t been, “just me”, in a very long time. These last three weeks have provided me that lens to critically evaluate how important slowly down for me is. As a result, I feel I am a better mum, wife and teacher to everyone else. I am still in the early stages of this transformation but am whole-heartedly allowing myself to be vulnerable and allowing myself to make mistakes to gain a deeper understanding of myself. Tonight’s class is really what inspired me to share this journey. 

This practice has allowed me the opportunity to be… me. Just me. Not mum, not teacher, not wife; just me.

Parenting is a bit like flying an airplane: a bit of turbulence, some unpredictable weather, awake during overnight flights, time changes but also lots of bright skies. While going along for this airplane journey it is important to remember if and when going down, you need to put your own oxygen mask on before anyone else. If you don’t take care of you, will not be in any condition to assist anyone else. 

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