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Ocea Marie

Coming to the realisation that she didn’t love the life she was living, feeling stressed, overwhelmed and struggling with self-doubt, Ocea Marie knew she needed to take control of her life and her own happiness. Through her own transformation, she developed a passion for empowering other women to do the same: to find their sense of purpose, stop the self-doubt, stress less and reignite their passion for life. She offers free content, health and wellbeing guidance, coaching, a podcast, and tailored programs that will really make a difference and help you to discover your potential, love yourself well and create a life you truly love. Here she shares her story with The Natural Parent Magazine.

The Passion: What inspired you to set up your business?

From a young age, I was driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, starting my first business at fourteen. Over the years, my journey has offered me the opportunity to learn from incredible women and craft an extraordinary life filled with creativity and service. However, there was a time when I didn’t live a life I loved. I was overwhelmed, stressed, and constantly seeking external validation. Turning forty was a pivotal moment for me. I realised I needed to take control of my life and happiness. I had to learn self-love and live authentically. This transformation inspired me to help other women navigate their journeys, to support them in finding their purpose, building confidence, and creating a life they love. This passion for empowering women led to the creation of my current business.

The Launch: How did you start out in the beginning?

In the beginning, my business journey was a mix of learning and experimenting. I have four children in age range from 34 years to 8 years old – I needed something that offered me flexibility, and that allowed me to share my unique gifts with the world. My study in nutrition, wellness and lifestyle coaching, and background in beauty, sales, marketing and health coaching has allowed me to create a holistic approach to my coaching practice. My focus is on developing resources and content that helps women to improve their lives, relationships, careers and create a life they love! I want to make a difference. My blog and coaching – and I have started hosting a podcast – are platforms where I can offer resources, and share insights and inspiring stories. I am fortunate that I get to do work that I love!

The Innovation: What was the biggest breakthrough for you with your business?

The biggest breakthrough came when I truly understood the power of self-love and its impact on every aspect of life. That allowed me to have the courage to go for what I really wanted in life – not what others expected from me. Not living by the belief and limitations of others has been a game changer for me. Once I embraced self-compassion, kindness and forgiveness, everything changed. My personal development lessons finally stuck, and the chaos in my life dissipated. This transformation wasn’t just personal; it became the core of my business philosophy. By helping women love themselves well, I see profound changes in their lives too. This realisation is what inspires me to create tailored programs and content, focusing on holistic wellness and self-love, which resonated deeply with my audience. One of my favourite offerings are the self-guided seasonal nutrition resets

Yin and Yang: How do you balance work and family?

I am not a fan of the word ‘balance’. Sometimes I work more; sometimes I play more. When I feel aligned, none of it is stressful. However, I understand sometimes it is the only word to describe finding a harmony in our lives. With that in mind, balancing work and family is an ongoing journey, but I’ve found harmony by integrating my passions into both areas of my life. I fill my days with family time, writing, working with clients, studying, Pilates and Qigong. I prioritise moments of joy, such as reading books, enjoying brunch, and indulging in simple pleasures like a good pizza. Setting boundaries and not feeling guilty about them is key. I ensure I am present with my family while also dedicating focused time to my business. This balance allows me to be fully engaged in both areas, creating a fulfilling and joyful life.

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