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Photography:Rachel Burt Photography

By Annika Hamilton

You ask about the future and what it will be, you worry the beaches will be swallowed by the sea. 

You worry we are chopping too many trees and care about the future of our precious bees. 

You worry for the welfare of the polar bear and for the Australian koala you say a prayer. 

You worry thick smog will hide our stars because we drive around in too many cars. 

You worry for the next flooding disaster and fear that the sea is rising faster and faster. 

You worry that plastic is everywhere and that people keep buying it without any care. 

You worry the rivers are no longer blue because we focus too much on revenue. 

You worry that our bushes will continue to burn; that the politicians will never learn. 

You worry that the glaciers will keep retreating; that our beautiful world will continue heating. 

You worry so much for someone so small. You should be running around with no cares at all. 

So let me tell you that I am so sorry. It is we who have caused you all this worry. 

We were so consumed in our busy days, we refused to stop and change our ways. 

But you are not tainted by politics and money; your thoughts are as pure as raw sweet honey. 

You believe in a land that is green, a sky that is blue and an air that is clean. 

So please remind us of these simple things, remind us of the joy that nature brings. 

Remind us that your future is in our hands, that you look to us to protect your lands. 

Remind us to only buy what we need, to grow more trees, to plant a seed. 

Remind us to replace the car with a bike, to enjoy our nature, to go for a hike. 

Remind us to consume far less meat, to appreciate the ground beneath our feet. 

Remind us to use less nasty sprays and protect our bushes from becoming ablaze. 

Remind us the value of our insects and bees, to use less plastic and to protect our seas. 

Remind us to look to solar power, to conserve more energy, hour by hour. 

Simply remind us to turn off the light, but most importantly to join your fight. 

Remind us that this world’s your home, a place for children to explore and roam. 

Since taking time off to raise her son Lachie (9 months), Annika has developed a love of writing. Annika studied Law and Geography at Otago University and prior to having Lachie was fully immersed in the commercial world, working in both London and New Zealand.

Annika and her husband have always been outdoorsy but since having Lachie, Annika has gained an even greater appreciation for nature and the environment. She now sees the world through the eyes of her son as he crawls around the garden examining each strand of grass, sinking his hands into the soil and watching butterflies and bees with an expression of pure fascination on his face.

Annika feels passionate about preserving the environment for future generations to enjoy and hopes to inspire other parents through her writing. Annika is also a wedding celebrant in the Waikato region.

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