Foundation skills used in Elimination Communication during a baby’s first 1000 days

This book, Elimination Communication Babies, is about how to progress toward toilet independence. The Author, Rebecca Larsen, talks about communication both verbal and nonverbal, routine, play, success and independence. All of these skills are vital when teaching your child elimination communication, but they are also the foundation skills for many other areas in life.

All learning is done from the simple to the complex; we build a foundation of learning that we can build other skills on top of. Our babies need to learn everything, and they do this through play and the experiences that we give them. When we understand the impact that tiny activities we do have on our baby’s brain development, we naturally want to do more of them. Because we do more, we build our baby’s brain connections and help them become stronger, which in turn helps our child reach their full potential. It’s really clever, it’s simple, but the impact it has on your child is massive.

Our children learn best in an environment of loving relationships. When we have secure relationships, our child feels secure and able to learn, grow and develop.

Helping your child reach their full potential is about providing them with stimulating tiny activities every day that help them build one tiny skill on a previous skill. The activities you do with your baby may look simple to you, but to your baby they really are brain building.

Your journey in elimination communication is providing your baby with tiny experiences that will support their learning and brain building in so many other ways (such as their language development, their physical development, their independence, their problem solving and quite possibly even their mathematical understanding). As you take the time to watch your child, talk with them, hold them out etc, you are also building a really strong bond. You are learning more about your child and that will help them feel secure and loved and enable them to begin to develop in so many other ways. It will also help you understand them better, react to their needs better and respond appropriately.

It’s only 1000 days but they are 1000 days that last a lifetime!

Clare Stead is the Founder and Director of Oliiki Ltd, a mother of three, an e-learning specialist, education researcher and qualified primary school teacher. Clare built the Oliiki app to support parents through the most important days of a child’s development to help their child reach their full potential. The Oliiki app can be found in both the Apple and the Android app stores. Her website is

For more information about the Elimination Communication Babies book, visit their website:

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