Fussy Eaters? I’ve Got The Hack!

By Rachel Hoy

I see you mama.

I see you pull your hair out because your child had a meltdown because they found a single pea in their dinner.

I see you sweep off your floor daily.

I see you get stressed come meal times.

Enough! We all do it. As parents we over-complicate meal times. We get mum or dad guilt because we realize our child had half a banana and no vegetables all day, so we try cram as much into dinner as we can in a huge attempt to fill the gap. And the kids know what we’re up to!

It’s so difficult to change habits, for a child or an adult. But the first step is absolutely to recognize that a change needs to be made.

Top Tips:

  1. Speak to your child (if they are at the age to communicate), and ask them what food they like and plan healthy meals with them.
  2. Involve your child in the cooking process. This can be something as simple as stirring a pot of uncooked vegetables as you chop them. Get them excited to taste, explore the colours and make it fun!
  3. Lead by example. Let them see you consume what you would love them to eat.
  4. In the warmer weather, enjoy beautiful bright smoothies together. Find a recipe they love and even freeze into ice block molds.
  5. Start explaining from as early as you can the benefits of clean whole food. We all heard when we were little that ‘carrots make you see in the dark’. What child doesn’t desire a little super power?
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