Fussy Eaters? I’ve Got The Hack!

Some days will be harder than others, there is no doubt about that. We all lead busy lives in a fast paced world, and no two days are ever the same. It is important to remember to build immunity in a child or adult; consumption of clean, ripe fruit and vegetables daily to help the gut thrive are a must!

My twin boys were born at 27 weeks gestation and suffered huge bumps along the way to being the beautiful happy healthy almost-3-year-olds they are today. One thing the doctors said to us that stuck out to me was that our boys would always have low immunity. Winters would be tough and we would be safer to stay inside. As a family that loves the earth between our toes, it was hard to consider they would be unwell often. I can very proudly say – this has absolutely NOT been the case for us! We found a clean way to live that helped them thrive.

I found something that works for my family and myself for the days that we are busy and don’t eat so well, we have a back-up plan! I’d love to share this with you and my ‘kid approved’ recipes. Connect with me on Facebook to learn more. Drop me a message, as I love to get to know all my followers and add value.

Big love and good luck!
Miracle Mother x

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