Get Active, Breastfeed, Repeat: Workout Gear You Can Breastfeed In

The Drive: What challenges have you overcome?

Time management. Mummy guilt. Exhaustion. Letting go of the things that really don’t matter. And having absolutely no idea.

Almost everything has been a challenge. I have never run a business before. So, it has been a steep and challenging learning curve, especially some days if I’ve had only five hours of broken sleep.

Starting a business has its own set of challenges and so does motherhood. So, juggling the two is a challenge in itself. My business is only one-year young, and I’ve only had two years’ experience as a parent, so I’m sure there are more challenges to come.

Some days I question everything. And its especially hard when the self-doubt or exhaustion want to take over. Other days it’s like all the stars align and the universe is on my side.

Also, social media! Phew! I have a business Facebook and Instagram account; and this is a challenge. I’d never used Instagram before. So starting a business account and trying to create a brand, reach my target audience, and maintain a presence that is interesting and engaging is a constant challenge. I’m still working through this one.  Pinterest is the next digital frontier.

Being a perfectionist doesn’t help either, to be honest. Sometimes I’ll spend the entire hour I have free (while my boys are both asleep) taking and retaking the same 60 second clip to post on Instagram; sometimes to the point, where it becomes so rehearsed, I don’t end up using it.

For better or worse: What are the pros and cons of running your own business?


  • Freedom of working for myself.
  • I work from home, so I am able to be home everyday with my boys.
  • Able to be flexible with my time, i.e. work when my boys are asleep, or on certain “home” days that I dedicate to the business.
  • It’s exciting – the challenges, and overcoming those challenges make the overall journey worth the stress.
  • Sense of achievement at every milestone is empowering.
  • I have meetings at cool places like play centers, or parks and playgrounds!


  • Responsibility of working for myself. Eek!
  • Sometimes only getting micro-pockets of time throughout the day and night to work.
  • Working up to certain milestones can sometimes be time consuming and may take my attention away from my boys at points throughout the day. This is where the mummy-guilt sets in.
  • Having no prior experience in running a business, the unknowns have been difficult to navigate.
  • Financing the dream!
  • Stressful, nervous at times. The business is constantly on my mind.
Hopes and dreams: What next?

So much! My vision for Omm FIT is to be every woman’s first choice for nursing and postnatal activewear and swimwear. I know in the grand evolution of business I’m barely crawling; I have to learn to walk next and then run. But I don’t want Omm FIT to be a statistic. I want Omm FIT be an example! I really want to inspire and empower woman, and get the message THINK.DO.BE out there.

THINK.DO.BE. is the Omm FIT philosophy; adapted from my personal beliefs. If you THINK it, you can DO it. And if you DO it, you will BE it. It’s sounds simple, but it’s about actioning your ideas, which can be difficult. I know!

My next immediate challenge is to gain some momentum and increase sales. Survive this initial “make or break” period that is so critical to survival of small business.

The fundamentals – continue to seek out and reach my target audience. I need to keep learning. Keep pounding the pavement. Stay positive and driven despite the setbacks.

For the near future I want to grow and develop my range of activewear – i.e. develop new Sports Crops (Nursing) with new designs, materials, colours and prints.

I’m currently discussing leggings with my manufacturer, which is super exciting! I’d like to see leggings in my range in the next few months, and I hope to launch the first of my swimwear range in 2019.

Long term, I have big hopes and dreams for my little business. I’m thinking a baby range, perhaps even tops, hoodies and accessories.

I know online shopping is the future of shopping, but I’m a little old school, so having a physical shop where I can keep my stock, work and connect with my customers face-to-face would also be amazing!

But baby steps, right?

Find out more and start shopping at, and follow them on Facebook and Instagram @omm_fit_au.

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