Calling all food, garden and comfort lovers!

New Zealand company, Thunderpants, who specialise in organic underwear and clothing, are launching their 2017 Philanthropants campaign with their fun root vegetable print underpants – each pair will raise funds to start up organic community gardens around New Zealand.

Throughout June and July 2017, two dollars from every pair of organic root vegetable Thunderpants sold will be donated to the Soil and Health Association’s Project Gro initiative. For every $500 raised, a new organic garden will be funded in a school, community or marae. Alongside this, every garden will receive a donation of seeds from Pakaraka Permaculture, a small family run organic market garden and education centre for organic gardening and sustainable living.

Thunderpants directors, Josie and Sophie Bidwill explain “We love that we are able to help communities around NZ set up their own gardens, it aligns perfectly with our philosophy of slow growth and sustainable practice. It’s really important for us to raise awareness of the value in small plot farming and community gardening – giving power to people, keeping production local and communities thriving. We’re also excited to be collaborating with Pakaraka Permaculture, they are an amazing example of small scale success as they produce over 8,000 kgs of food a season on a quarter acre of land.”

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