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Cloverdale NZ

If you are in search of beautiful, unique, handcrafted items for your child’s nursery, then look no further – At Cloverdale NZ, they create gorgeous, handmade nursery decor as well as crafts for all occasions. Whether it be a birthday, wedding or a thoughful gift, Carrie Cameron and her mum Kim have created a wonderful business to cater to your needs. Their beautiful, personalised products range from gorgeous cards to textured prints and nursery accessories, and it brings them huge joy to know their products are transforming a child’s room or putting a smile on someone’s face. Here they talk to The Natural Parent Magazine about the inspiration behind Cloverdale NZ and their business journey so far.

The Passion: What inspired you to set up your business?  

I (Carrie) had just gotten back from living in the UK and was expecting my first child. Kim (AKA Mamma Cloverdale) owned a scrapbooking and secretarial business. She also made handmade cards for a few regulars so thought it would be a good little side hustle for me while I was on maternity leave.  

We started with handmade cards and a few prints and from there we have grown our range of cards to nursery decor.  

The Launch: How did you start out in the beginning? 

We started with Kim’s shop selling handmade cards and then started at local markets. From there we now sell at large-scale markets all over the North Island. We love our markets and love meeting the stall holders and the amazing people who buy our products.  

Facebook marketplace has also been a huge help in getting our name out there and selling our products.  

The Innovation: What was the biggest breakthrough for you with your business? 

The biggest breakthrough has been the markets, the bigger the better, and even though 2020 was hard for everyone, the markets late last year were great for us. I think it’s because more and more people are starting to buy handmade and local which is great for us small business owners.  

Yin & Yang: How do you balance work or family? 

The great thing about having your own little business is that you can decide when you want or need to work. It can be tiring, stressful and hard work but we love it! 

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