How Homeschooling Can Change a Child’s Perspective

Experience-Based Learning

Experience-based learning – or unschooling – follows the premise that a child’s interest inevitably leads to meaningful, self-initiated study.

For example, my family practices mindful sustainable living. We keep fruit trees and tend a vegetable garden. Dad and I run a rainwater recycling system with gutter spouts, tubing and a catch barrel. Mum loves teaching me to cook – organic of course!

Part of those cooking lessons was also about how to cook without toxins. Teflon and cast iron cookware can release toxins while cooking, but ceramic offers a durable, non-toxic option. Lessons like these, helped me develop a sense of health and wellness as well as learn valuable life skills.

Real-Time Opportunity

Sometimes, events chock full of learning potential happen unexpectedly. When locusts swarmed in record amounts over Dagestan, Russia; we stopped everything and watched all-day video coverage. I subsequently went on to study entomology and the migration patterns of birds and insects.

Global Awareness, Local Concentration

I care about the issues surrounding our community and the world. I like asking my own questions and knowing how to find answers. I love it when answers change due to circumstance, and it really blows me away when I come up with a novel idea no one has considered.

I believe the ability to learn independently and practice out-of-the-box thinking has helped me a great deal in both my career and life.

Emily is the editor of Conservation Folks and a sustainability and conservation blogger. Follow her on Twitter to see the latest updates.

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