How Seed Cycling Helps Balance Hormones Naturally

By Sofia Potente

Dealing with hormonal symptoms such as PMS, moodiness or pre-menstrual fatigue and cramping?

Did you know that an ancient holistic remedy called ‘seed cycling’ can help to rebalance our hormones and address estrogen dominance?

If you deal with these symptoms, seed cycling is worth considering:

• Mood swings
• Cold hands and feet
• Fatigue
• Low mood
• Tender breasts
• Headaches
• Infertility
• Menstrual cramps
• Fluid retention
• Restless sleep
• Irregular or missing period cycles

What is seed cycling?

Seed cycling is incorporating seeds into the diet as a simple and effective way of regulating and restoring the balance of the sex hormones estrogen and progesterone.

This simple and effective method involves rotating certain seeds into the diet during the two phases of our menstrual cycle (follicular and luteal).

How it works

In a normal, healthy menstrual cycle, here is how our estrogen and progesterone fluctuate during the month.

In the follicular phase of our cycle (Day 1-14), our estrogen levels are rising.
In the luteal phase (Day 15-28), estrogen declines whilst progesterone levels rise.

Often we don’t produce enough progesterone OR have a build up of excess estrogen in the liver, which results in the symptoms above.

Here’s where seed cycling comes in – and how to do it!

Day 1-14 – Have 1 Tbs each of freshly ground flax and pumpkin seeds in your smoothie or breakfast

Why? Flax seeds contain lignans, which are shown to bind to excess estrogen. Pumpkin seeds contain zinc, which helps support progesterone production in preparation for the luteal phase.

Day 15-28 – Have 1 Tbs each of freshly ground sunflower and sesame seeds in your smoothie or breakfast

Sesame and sunflower seeds contain Vitamin E, zinc and selenium, which are fantastic for progesterone production, whilst detoxing the liver of excess estrogen.

Try it for 3 menstrual cycles and notice the difference! Remember though – there are many pieces to the (hormone) puzzle. There is so much we can do to rebalance hormones when it comes to diet, lifestyle and nutritional/herbal supplementation.

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