How to Design the Ideal Backyard for Toddlers

By Jane Marsh

As your family grows, it’s crucial that you and your children have a safe, entertaining outdoor environment. Spending time outdoors offers many benefits, such as improved health, reduced stress and better sleep.

If you have toddlers, you might wonder if it’s possible to create the backyard of your dreams. While some parents go all out and build their kids a roller coaster out back, there are many other ways to design the ideal backyard for your toddlers without breaking the bank.

Why Design a Dream Backyard?

Why bother having a well-designed backyard? First, it will impress any guests you invite, including parents of other children you have over for a playdate.

When you take extra time, money and effort to create a fantastic backyard, it increases the property value of your home. If you ever want to sell your house in the future, potential buyers will enjoy the fact that you spent time designing a beautiful, kid-friendly backyard.

You can make several additions to your backyard to create a suitable gathering space for friends, family and coworkers. Spending time with your children and extended family is a surefire way to improve your emotional well-being and manage stress.

Steps to Design Your Ideal, Toddler-Friendly Backyard

If you’ve committed to designing the ideal backyard for toddlers, you’re in the right place. Consider the steps below to start the design process – your perfect backyard will be ready in no time.

1. Set a Budget

All home improvement projects require a financial budget. How much are you willing to spend to design your new backyard? The cost to upgrade your yard will vary, depending on its size, what furniture and equipment you already have and what additional materials you need.

For example, you might already have a pool, which is entertaining for kids and popular for homeowners who host outdoor parties. Determine how much of your budget will go toward all the fun items for your toddlers.

2. Build a Wishlist

After setting a budget, you and your family can make a wishlist of the items you want most for your backyard. Some fun additions to include are:

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