I Brought You Here!

Photography:Opal Imagery

By Brooke Maree

I wake with a sore back from sometimes sleeping awkwardly next to you, but I brought you here to comfort you. 

My nipples are sore from sometimes constantly feeding you, but I brought you here to nourish you. 

I feel touched out when you sometimes always want to be held, but I brought you here to feel connected and safe. 

My temporary discomfort is your complete comfort. 

I have tools to cope. 

So I will rise to the challenge each day, as you slowly rise to your independence. Unraveling from a helpless newborn, to an overwhelmed toddler, and into a little boy who figures out his place in the world. 

I’ll cuddle you when you’re scared, feed you when you’re craving connection, and carry you when you need to come back into my safe bubble. 

One day soon you won’t feed from me anymore. You’ll slowly stop needing to be carried. And sharing a bed with you will become only a memory I cherish closely. 

Because I didn’t bring you here to fit perfectly into my world. And you didn’t come here to mess mine up. I’ll compromise throughout this chapter of life because it won’t last forever and you’re depending on me to do so.

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Brooke Maree is one of Australia’s leading Babywearing Educators, Co-Founder of the Australian Babywearing Association, and Country Leader of Kangatraining Australia. She is passionate about advocating for babywearing safety and best practice and seeing all parents using their baby carrier with comfort and ease. Brooke is available for personalised consultations, workshops and trainings, and on social media providing endless resources and top tips! Find out more about her services at www.brookemaree.com.au.

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