Introducing Freemie: Wearable breast pump system


After the birth of her premature twins, Doctor Dao found herself reliant on a breast pump. This was 15 years ago, and the breast pump was archaic.

Traditional breast pumps have some sort of motor and all have horns protruding from the breast. They are designed to get milk out but without considering their practical use in everyday environments. Doctor Dao saw for herself the big gap between what the breast pump industry was offering, and what women actually need. Through a lengthy process of designing and redeveloping to get it just perfect, the wearable breast pump system; Freemie, was created.

Imagine this, you’re out picking up a couple of groceries, carrying your baby, through checkout having a chat to the person serving you, pop the things in the car and drive home. When you get home you have freshly expressed milk!  It sounds like magic, but this is reality for kiwi mum Sheena Thompson.

Sheena exclusively expressed for her oldest daughter using a conventional breast pump due to her little girl having feeding issues. With the birth of her second daughter she knew she wouldn’t have the time to pump while juggling a newborn and keeping up with the 3 year old so was hoping for a successful breastfeeding baby. Unfortunately, the same feeding issues arose and despite seeing a multitude of health professionals was once again on the expressing pathway. During a late night pump session Sheena turned to Google and found Freemie which “changed my life”.

If it wasn’t for changing to the Freemie breast pump system I wouldn’t have been able to continue feeding my little girl on breastmilk.

The Freemie system has closed system collection cups with an internal barrier that prevents milk from entering the tubing. These “boob” shaped cups fit inside your regular bra and attach to a mobile pump which you wear on your waistband. Because the cups go inside your clothing it is totally discreet and no-one even knows you are wearing it plus you are hands free.

The Freemie Liberty pump is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and has hospital grade suction levels. With the ability to personalise the speed and suction levels to create a letdown response, power pump, or relaxed pumping mode it makes for comfortable expressing. With 3 programmable memory buttons you can easily save and return to your optimal settings time after time. It is super quiet and has an automatic shut off timer.

The 3 hours I got back in a day by being able to express milk while doing my other day to day tasks was game changing.


Breastmilk is the first choice to nourish babies and provides all their needs in the first six months of life. Mothers may require a breast pump to increase milk supply, if she will be away from baby for a period of time, or those with a premature baby needing to stimulate production. Other reasons that a mother may need a breast pump is if baby has feeding difficulties, or if she is returning to the work force.

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