Kickstart Paternal Bonding – The Benefits of Babywearing for Dads

Photography: Babes in Arms

The happy hormones of bonding with babies are not just for new mums. Babywearing can help a dad get in on the action and enjoy that new baby love, encouraging him to bond with baby and embrace his new role.

More men are taking significant roles in caring for their young. Although dads are the likely bread-winner while mums takes maternity leave, they still want to feel involved when they are at home. Babywearing fits the bill; encouraging a dad’s capacity to care for his new offspring and allowing him to help his partner.

While women have nine months to literally ‘grow’ into their new role as mothers, men do not share a physical transition to mark the beginning of their new role. Fathers therefore tend to discover their parental footing a little more slowly. Babywearing can encourage this process as dads spend more time in close contact getting to know their newborns more intimately.

Babywearing offers dads and their babies the best start in life – a positive way to enjoy baby from birth and the chance to build a strong, lasting relationship right from the very start. The benefits of babywearing for dads include:

  • the ability to care for both partner and baby simultaneously while remaining hands-free
  • natural feel-good hormones such as oxytocin, which trigger paternal protective behaviours
  • the ability to learn baby’s cues and signals much sooner than non-babywearing dads
  • a relaxed confidence about being identified as a caregiver
  • a great start to life for both dads and their babies!

“It gives me the confidence to be able to say yes, I can do this. I can be close to him, I can comfort him…it’s truly empowering.” – Andrew Tiu

“I can’t help but kiss his sweet head, rub his back, and love being his father even more while wearing him.” – Layton Nile

Since there are so many babywearing options available, selecting a dad-friendly baby carrier will ensure that he will get maximum use and enjoyment from it. Dads prefer models that don’t inhibit their everyday activities, with a preference for streamline designs in gender neutral or dark colours. Dads are more sensitive than mums to overheating in a baby carrier and therefore prefer lighter-weight or mesh fabrics.

Ergobaby Recommends our Most Dad-Friendly Carriers

While all Ergobaby Carriers are simple, adjustable and ergonomic, there are two with the best dad-friendly features.

Why Dads Love the NEW OMNI 360 Carrier

  • It’s SIMPLE. All-in-one, newborn to toddler, it is very easy and quick for dads to figure out.
  • It’s COOL. Without an Infant Insert, the single layer of the carrier means less bulk and maximum airflow
  • It’s a CINCH to adjust. Dads don’t have to stretch underneath their muscly armpits to adjust shoulder straps anymore. The buckles have been moved to the front of the carrier within easy reach.
  • FORWARD FACING Adventurous dads love to explore the world together when their child reaches the curious age.

Why Dads Love the Cool Air 360 Carrier

  • COOL AIR MESH. Dads love the extra airflow for maximum coolness for baby and themselves
  • It LOOKS GOOD! For the dad who loves his ‘gear’, this carrier is the deluxe sports upgrade model.

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