Looking for an egg donor…Can you give the ultimate gift?

Submitted by Anonymous (for privacy reasons). If you can help, please see the instructions at the end. Please share with anyone you think may be interested in assisting this mother-to-be.

As a woman in my twenties I had a lifetime ahead of me. There was no need to rush. I’d meet the one. We’d buy a house and have a family. While I waited for that to happen, life carried on. Life, work, taxes being an adult happens too. I wasn’t thinking about a back up plan. Freezing eggs wasn’t really a thought for me fifteen years ago. I believed it would happen in time with the right person. It’s what I thought as I approached 30, then my mid-thirties but despite a couple of long-term relationships it didn’t happen.

Where was Mr Right?

At the age of 39 I found someone, literally, on the website. He was a keeper! He opened car doors for me and made me laugh all the time. I come from a large family and I’ve always wanted children. So when I brought the subject up of having children I felt a sense of relief when he wanted the same. After trying naturally and two cycles of IVF which sadly ended in miscarriages, we are now hoping that an egg donor could make the difference.

If you are aged between 20-37, healthy,  a non-smoker, and interested in becoming our egg donor, please contact fertility associates by completing the online enquiry form and using our reference: Family Ties




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