Natural & Effective Cleaning Products: Kind to the Environment & You


With many of us becoming increasingly conscious of the products we use in our homes and the effect they have on our families and the environment, we are looking to reduce harmful toxins and opt for natural, gentler products that are kinder to the planet.

The Earthwise story began over 50 years ago, way before many of us had even considered the environmental impact of chemical-based cleaning products. Perfected over decades, Earthwise is now one of New Zealand’s most trusted natural cleaning brands in supermarkets, offering families gentle, natural alternatives that don’t cost the earth.

There’s no need to compromise with the move towards natural household cleaning products eitheras they can be effective too, and Earthwise’s Multi-Surface Cleaning Spray Citrus & Mint 500ml has been given a big tick of approval.

Consumer NZ recommended  

A Consumer NZ study rated Earthwise Multi-Surface Cleaning Spray Citrus & Mint 500ml at 84%, earning a place in Consumer NZ’s top 10 recommended cleaning products, Kiwis can confidently choose Earthwise Multi-Surface Cleaning Spray Citrus & Mint 500ml, knowing that it really works.  

Effective Naturally  

This Multi Surface Cleaning Spray is plant based so it is gentle but very effective at cleaning most hard surfaces in your home, cutting through grease. This makes it ideal for stainless steel, stoves, bench tops and other non-porous surfaces, proving that there’s no need for unnecessary chemicals to get the job done in our homes. 

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