Nestle In: The Beauty of Babywearing

Using a baby carrier can be a lot cheaper than using a pram or stroller, not to mention less bulky. Prams can cost upwards of a few hundred dollars, add in a newborn insert or capsule and the price increases. A baby carrier is much more economical and convenient.

Bonding with your newborn and young child is an experience you will cherish forever. Having your child close to you, up against you, being able to feel each other’s heartbeat, is a perfect bonding opportunity.

When choosing a baby carrier or sling, make sure you do your research first. You need to find a carrier that is suitable for both you and your child. There are different weight restrictions for carriers and you need to ensure that you get a carrier that will comfortably and safely look after your child.

There are also recommendations for choosing a carrier that fits you correctly. Most carriers come with a sizing guide and instructions. Make sure that you have the carrier set to a size that fits you comfortably and is strapped up to ensure minimal risk of pain or damage to yourself. You need to take your height into consideration when choosing a carrier as well; make sure that you are able to handle the additional weight and can do it without discomfort.

Baby carrying has been around for a very long time and it is an important part of parenthood. The bonding and convenience of a baby carrier makes it a perfect addition to your collection of baby products.

Have fun when choosing a carrier and ensure it is one you will enjoy wearing – plus who doesn’t love seeing a dad wearing a baby carrier!

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