Nourishing Mixes to Support Breastfeeding Mums

Ollie Tots

When Natasha Bond-Kennedy’s daughter Mia was born, she struggled with low breast milk supply and nine months into her breastfeeding journey, found her supply had dried up completely. On a mission to avoid the same thing happening second time around, she began researching foods that helped with breastfeeding and discovered lactation biscuits. She put her chef skills to work and started creating her own recipes, freezing the dough in anticipation of her son’s arrival.

A few weeks into breastfeeding Ollie, her supply began to dwindle again, so she gave her lactation biscuits a go and was amazed at how well they worked. She started baking all sorts of different varieties and mixes until she – along with her husband and fellow chef James – developed the perfect recipe that they both loved. They decided to share this delicious mix with other mums to help them on their breastfeeding journey and Ollie Tots was born.

Their premium lactation biscuit mixes are an easy, delicious and wholesome way to nourish your milk supply. Their pre-packaged mixes deliver the finest – and most functional – clean ingredients to support breastfeeding mums.

Since launching Ollie Tots, they have received amazing feedback and touching personal testimonials from some of their lovely customers, both the ones that keep coming back for more, and the ones that try Ollie Tots for the first time and come away with great results that they want to share.  

They were thrilled to receive feedback from a mum who continues to order from them to help maintain a natural boost to her milk supply, in addition to having medicinal treatment to help her breastfeed her children. She explained to the team that using the natural active ingredients in Ollie Tots has been a great help to her mentally, making the process of keeping her milk flowing a positive, delicious part of her day, rather than just a medical intervention. Knowing how stress and anxiety can have a snowball effect on good breast milk supply, it’s great knowing that supporting yourself naturally and in a relaxing way can really help out with those feelings.

Another new mum, who hadn’t heard of Ollie Tots before but discovered them at their first bigtime baby expo, OneFinebaby got straight in touch the day after trying their biscuit mix for the first time and seeing an immediate tripling of how much she was able to pump and store the next day.  

It is so rewarding for Natasha and James to hear such positive experiences from new customers trying out their products, after what feels like a long time perfecting and trialling their different recipes, to get both their efficacy and flavours working well. It is reassuring to know that new mums are coming onboard as others start to wean their toddlers after a successful breastfeeding journey with the help of their biscuit mixes.

It brings Natasha a lot of happiness to know that their products are still as effective as when she first started making them for herself and trialling them on her mum friends. With the ongoing feedback from mums that their biscuits are coming out super delicious and baked fresh from the freezer every day, it reassures them that their decision to produce a mix with a good method and recipe to go along with it was the right one to make. 

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