Online Meditation Benefits Stay-At-Home Parents

By Ahhleeyah Grace

Finding some “me time” in a busy day of baby/children’s needs, household chores, partner and social commitments can be the biggest challenge. It is most important to take time out for you! You have probably already heard it before: “You can only give what you already have.” Valuing your wellbeing is paramount and sacred.

Take it from me, I learned my lesson the hard way by almost burning my adrenals out looking after everyone else and not myself, and wondered why I felt exhausted lying on the kitchen floor. It did take for me to hit rock bottom to see the light, and that is why I am sharing my wisdom with you now – so you can benefit and thrive in motherhood and fatherhood, rather than just survive.

The first step for me was seeing the treasure in the trauma. We all go through challenging life experiences to learn and grow. We can then see how we have been working through things as the old way, and giving ourselves permission to let go of it, or working together with someone to help guide us. Sometimes habits and patterns are so ingrained we need some support to achieve a smooth healthy transition. It is very important to remember we don’t have to do it all on our own and once we decide to make a healthy change, it is important to be flexible of how that unfolds.

A healthy way to look at life is to prioritise some time for yourself and commit to a regular meditation practice. This can mean being disciplined and getting up early, or finding time in the middle of the day or just before bedtime. The way you experience meditation is unique for you and your family. You know by your sixth sense, your intuition – if it feels right, it usually is.

To achieve this there may be some letting go of old beliefs that this is selfish or not good parenting. Asking others for support and understanding can help you make this transition from old ways to healthy parenting. Meditation is about committing to getting to know yourself, strengthen your knowing, trusting and respecting the inner soul essence of you. By knowing yourself more fully you can create an environment of health, happiness and harmony that can improve relationships with family and others in your life.

Carving out a daily balanced personal ritual is a positive step forward. A combination of exercise (i.e. yoga/Tai Chi/Pilates), meditation and an affirmation for your day is an example of a balanced approach. It can be as long or short as you like, although thirty minutes for your exercise/meditation/affirmation combination is a good balance. Quality and consistency is key to having a strong regular routine. Joining a regular group session once a week can be a good supportive activity to help support and nurture your practice.

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