Period Health – A Story of Connection, Healing and Sustainable Menstruation

Before taking a leap of faith and switching to a Menstrual Cup I didn’t even know what my blood looked like, how much I bled each month, the colour, let alone what it smelled like. That all changed with using a Cup and I got close and personal with my period.

I started to look forward to my monthly visitor. I really started to connect with my cycle. I allowed myself time to nurture my body-mind connection, nourishing my feminine connection during my period. I made time for me.  I created a ritual around my menstruation.

I started to give my blood back to the earth, I collect my period blood in a glass jar, dilute it with water and then spread the blood around my garden, giving back to the soil all the nutrients.  It’s a bit of a new thought for lots of people but you’d be surprised how well your plants thrive with all the nutrients present in your cycles blood.

Brings us back to the days of the Red Tent and our tribal clan ways of sisterhood, there is a movement of a global sisterhood, our world is changing and so with it are we.

This small step of welcoming re-usable menstrual products into my world was life-changing, so much so I purchased Mama Cloth in 2018, my journey has given me the ability to help others. My belief and passion for sustainable, chemical-free period, alternatives have been the driving force behind Mama Cloth.

Mama Cloth Supporting Women’s Health a Sustainable Chemical-free Period, using Safe Comfortable alternatives to Disposable Products.  

I’m gifting you 10% off your next order with Code: SISTERHOOD and if you live in the Franklin area (New Zealand) I hold local workshops and Yoga class’s specifically for women. 

Amanda Goodhand is the owner of Mama Cloth, join their Facebook Community. Amanda is also the founder of Women’s Wellness Circle NZ.

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