Who Better to Design Cars of the Future Than Creative Kids?

The Unicar - Danelle, 11

Do you remember drawing endless pictures as a child? Can you remember your limitless creativity and ability to imagine things you’d never seen before? Children’s imaginations are boundless – they’re not confined by conventional laws of design, or the laws of science; they see endless possibilities.

So, who better to ask about the cars of the future than the generation that will be driving them?

GoCompare asked a group of primary school children to draw what they thought the cars of the future should look like. An illustrator then brought their ideas to life. Here are their wonderfully creative responses!

The Beast Racer 210 – Harnitha, 11
This dragon-like car has wings for ‘hover flight’ mode and an anchor hidden in the car’s tail. The vehicle functions on land or water and has a heat-proof chassis which glows in the dark:

Rainbow Convertible 3000 – Charlotte, 12
The Rainbow Convertible 3000 functions as a home as well as a car, and has large wings enabling it to fly and avoid traffic jams:

Candy Robo Car – Isla, 6
The Candy Robo Car allows you to drive on whichever side of the car you wish and has a robot assistant on-board to help you. The car is fuelled by chocolate and has a peaceful garden on the roof:

Bumblebee Prime – Zach, 11
This car has two modes: car and robot. In robot mode, it’s powered by a brain made of spare metal parts. The robot’s head is fitted with a rocket launcher and machine gun, and it can speak. The large hands are designed to fit spare parts and its boots are rockets. Its belt includes a self-fixing mechanism for when things get a bit rough:

The Hennessy K Cell GT – Kyre, 11
The Hennessy K Cell GT runs on a generator which holds 11,000 volts of electricity. The two back wheels are connected to the electric generator and are thus able to generate more electricity. All four wheels can be tucked in and the alloys turn into helicopter propellers enabling the car to fly. Its front lights enable visibility up to 100 metres:

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