Relax, Mama. We got this: Miss Magoo’s to the Rescue

By Stef Grech

Whether you’re struggling with a nasty nappy rash, excruciating eczema or you’re just freaked out by those toxic bubble baths and baby shampoos, Miss Magoo has a safe, gentle and effective solution for you and your precious little ones.

At Miss Magoo’s we make gorgeous organic natural skincare products that are free from toxic nasties and actually work. Products like our Baby Bum Cream for blissfully soft butt cheeks, or our Baby Balsam, for banishing troublesome coughs and sniffles.

As for you, dear worn out mama? Our gentle range of nourishing, organic elixirs and moisturisers will soothe and rehydrate the most sleep-deprived of skin. And best of all, they’re affordable – because you shouldn’t have to choose between taking care of yourself and taking care of your baby.

We believe looking after our kids means looking after the planet too, so all our products are cruelty-free, fair trade, come in recyclable packaging and are easy on the wallet. What’s not to love?

Introducing Miss Magoo’s

I’m Stef Grech, mama of two and founder of Miss Magoo’s Natural and Organic Skincare.

I discovered the world of natural and organic skincare after my first miscarriage. I wanted to give my body the best shot at conceiving a healthy baby, so I began nourishing myself with wholesome food (hello raw caramel slice!) and using only natural, organic skincare products free from nasty ingredients.

Two healthy babes later, I am truly passionate about using only high quality, natural and organic products on my children’s skin AND my skin.

But the realities of balancing a family budget on maternity leave meant I was often forced to compromise. And when it came to choosing between that organic baby bum balm or spending $50 on a nourishing night cream for this tired mum…well, I think you know who came last on the list.

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