Political Mothering

Photography:Alexa Doula Photography

By Lindsay Jane Hunter

Our bodies are regulated shamed and controlled 

contraceptives prescribed from twelve years old 

menstrual products taxed like a treat 

women bleed freely to afford to eat 

formula advertised like breasts aren’t enough 

birth choices taken when the going gets tough 

pregnant bumps handled like public property 

questions posed casually about fertility 

laws and legislations that ‘address’ mums’ rights 

but no value attributed to waking all night 

or cuddling babies or children or teens 

to working part time or halting our dreams 

maternity pay that decreases in stages 

newspaper articles about women’s ages 

things have progressed i know that’s a fact 

but mothering remains a political act. 

Lindsay Jane Hunter is a therapeutic arts and drama practitioner based in Coventry, UK, who is passionate about facilitating opportunities to be creative and build connections. Join her Connection & Creativity communities on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

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