A problem-solving Christmas gift idea for the bedroom

By Hannah Schenker

Christmas is not far away and the New Year is right around the corner. People are starting to think about what sorts of things might be useful to gift this year, checking out the latest trends in décor and home styling, which may include your children’s room as well. If you have young children you’ll want to find something that is beneficial to them as well as looking great in their room. Introducing: Kids Zip Sheets – an innovative sheet system that will help your wee one stay tucked in and cosy all night long, with its handy zip-up sides.

Families all over the world are benefiting from having Kids Zip Sheets in their homes.  These help little ones get a more secure, warm sleep, meaning parents get a better sleep as well. Parents are not having to get up throughout the night to check their children are tucked in, and their blankets still on. Not only are they useful at home, but if you’re planning on going on a summer trip, you’ll want to bring these sheets with you, as they are great for bunk beds, camping mattresses and caravans too. They are ideal for those hot nights when no blankets are needed.

Kids Zip Sheets are also fantastic for transitioning toddlers into their first ‘big kids bed’, and going to bed can be made fun because they can zip themselves in and put themselves to bed. In the morning, they can help Mum by zipping their sheets back up, and their bed is made.


  • Kids Zip Sheets are made from 100% cotton, are quality 250 thread count, in a range of modern colours
  • Zips are colour-matched and disguised within the sheets so that the overall presentation of the sheets is neat and tidy
  • Ample space inside the sheets to allow for your child to toss and turn because zips are positioned on the side of the mattress
  • Each sheet has an unsewn section part way down each side to allow for feet ventilation
  • All orders are couriered direct to your door


  • Children can’t kick off their covers and get cold overnight as there is no loose sheet to come untucked
  • No more tangling themselves in the sheets, or falling out of bed
  • Bed-making is so quick and easy; just place the fitted sheet, zip it up – and it’s done! So easy!
  • Ideal for bunk beds, trundler beds and camping
  • Affordable for every family

Kids Zip Sheets are available in Australia and New Zealand via their websites: www.kidszipsheets.com.au and www.kidszipsheets.co.nz

Kids Zip Sheets is the brain child of a young Australian Mum that originated from a camping trip back in 2011. Her children always kicked their sheets off and slid around in their sleeping bags so to keep them from getting cold, she and her husband came up with the idea of designing a secure cover that would prevent them from kicking off the sheets. The initial design was made from a single sheet with releasable clasps that clipped onto the camping stretcher beds and their sleeping bag was placed over the top like a duvet. It worked like a charm, preventing the kids from kicking them off and keeping them warm all night. They then realised that the next best place for this genius invention – home!

After making a few modifications so that the sheets fitted securely to a bed mattress, Kids Zip Sheets was conceived and ready for home use in 2013.

Hannah Schenker is a freelance writer, editor and regular contributor to The Natural Parent Magazine. She lives with a touch of magic in Golden Bay, New Zealand. 

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