Kiwiherb: Lovingly Caring for Kiwi Kids Wellness, with 100% Natural Herbal Health Products

Kiwiherb New Zealand are passionate and dedicated to only producing quality and therapeutic grade herbal products, lovingly made right here in New Zealand. Kiwiherb is unique in its commitment to preferentially sourcing locally grown and organic ingredients. Due to its isolated geographic location, NZ grows some of the purist and highest quality medicinal herbs in the world, and Kiwiherb is passionate about harnessing the natural healing power of these plants so you can rest assured your children are taking only the safest natural ingredients.

Products within our range contain New Zealand-grown, certified organic ingredients, and most of our products are certified organic by Bio-Gro, which provides assurance to parents that our herbs are grown without the use of chemicals that can harm people, animals and the soil.

Organic ingredients not only taste great, they are better for you and protect your children. They are free from genetic engineering (GE) and also help to reduce our carbon footprint.

Children’s Chest Syrup
Kiwi herb’s Children’s Chest Syrup is specifically formulated for infants and children: 0-12 years and provides targeted natural support for chest congestion and irritation at any time of the day or night.

Made from certified organic: mullein, hyssop, thyme and marshmallow root, Kiwi herb’s Children’s Chest Syrup specifically targets little ones’ lower respiratory tract. Our soothing and caring herbs help to reduce mucus production and support easier elimination.

Naturally sweetened with organic manuka honey, Children’s Chest Syrup is tasty enough to be taken at even the most stressful of times when your child is sick, and provides a sweet taste of joy that gently coats and soothes the throat. Children’s Chest Syrup is a pleasant experience for both mother and child and with mild sedative action, the whole family will get a good night’s sleep.

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Children’s Echinature®
Kiwiherb’s Children’s Echinature® is specifically formulated for infants and children: 0-12 years and naturally supports children’s immune system function. It can be taken all year round, to assist with building stronger immunity.

Made from premium quality, certified organic NZ-grown echinacea root, Kiwiherb’s Children’s Echinature® can be used either as a preventative to help ward off winter ills and chills, or to help speed healing when bugs take hold. Children can be particularly susceptible to picking up bugs, especially those at school or day care where even those kids who don’t usually like sharing aren’t quite so possessive about their germs! Just one dose a day in your child’s drink bottle will help support your child’s immune system naturally.

Naturally sweetened with organic apple juice concentrate and palm-free vegetable glycerine, like the rest of the Kiwiherb children’s range, Children’s Echinature® is vegetarian friendly, orangutan friendly and perfect for even the fussiest taste buds.

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