Raising Awareness for Antibiotic Resistance

I presented all my research to his doctor, and with his, and my father’s consent, we added a herbal extract I formulated to his standard antibiotic treatment. Despite his poor prognosis and to the amazement of his doctor, my father made a rather swift recovery.

After 12 years of studying herbal medicine I continued my studies in clinical research at Victoria University and I have been able to identify the main active ingredients responsible for the antibiotic actions. I am also confident that the added benefit of a natural antibiotic lies in the multiple actions that can kill bacteria by affecting a wide range of key events in the disease process. This is a departure from conventional ‘single action’ pharmaceutical antibiotics.

This year I am studying towards a Master in Innovation & Commercialisation, and founded the company HerbScience to pave the way for the research and development of a new antibiotic based on natural extracts. You can imagine all this is quite a challenge while also raising a 4-year-old daughter and a 6-month-old son. My son is always a very welcome guest in my classes and lectures, although I’m sure he must feel a bit like Jacinda’s daughter Neve did at the UN from time to time.

I am grateful to have received the 2018 AMP regional scholarship for the Lower North Island. And If you would like to take a moment to support me in my life-long effort in antibiotic development, please support me in the AMP People’s choice Award by texting ‘Cynthia’ to 2948 to give me a chance to secure much needed additional funding for my research.

There is still quite some way to go, and the dream is to have it available in hospitals as an approved treatment. All scholarship funds will be used to pay for laboratory development and clinical testing.

Cynthia Hunefeld is a qualified Naturopath, Clinical Medical Herbalist and Clinical Nutritionist. She holds a Post Graduate diploma in Clinical Research and is currently working towards a Master Degree in Innovation & Commercialisation at the Victoria University in Wellington.

You can stay up to date with her journey on Facebook at www.facebook.com/herbscience.co.nz

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