Rites of Passage: Honouring our Daughters

By Hannah Schenker

Puberty. It’s a time that many of us cringe to think back on – our bodies rapidly undergoing quite big transformations and us hanging on for the ride. But do we look back on it as a time to be celebrated? A time to be honoured? Did anyone in our lives make us feel special? Did anyone tell you this transition was important? Starting our periods, growing body hair in new places, starting to wear deodorant and experimenting with makeup, perfumes, getting hooked on lip balm – all for the very first time. These may seem like insignificant things, some are even taboo topics – but perhaps we could turn that around for our girls. Perhaps we could celebrate it with them, and in doing so encourage them to love and honour themselves and their precious bodies as they move into adulthood.

These days we are of course a whole lot more savvy about the how we take care of the practicalities of things like our periods and body odours, and have embraced more eco-friendly products in the bathroom. I believe that the simple act of embracing these new eco alternatives is in fact a step toward acknowledging our bodies as important and worth honouring – creating less waste for the planet and less harm to our bodies. If we can encourage our girls to see their bodies as worth caring about in the most intimate of ways, then surely they will be set up for a future much more in connection to themselves, and to the earth we live on. Both extremely worthy of deep care and reverence.

When I read about the Bekole boxes for girls, I thought – YES! Here is an easy way that mothers can introduce the concept of seeing puberty and adolescence as worthy of recognition and celebration. Acknowledgement and offerings for her as she moves into a new phase of her life. Shedding her childhood and stepping into her new role. An organic, non-toxic care package to carry her through the rite of passage.

See page 2 for a peek inside two Bekole boxes! 

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