Rites of Passage: Honouring our Daughters

Bekole boxes are gift packs that include all the right starter ingredients to help your girl move through this next stage in her life. Filled with useful, well-thought out and non-toxic items that will give her the confidence to take on her monthly periods, and the other changes in her body. Here is a peek into two of these wonderful boxes.

Bloom Essentials Box:

Bloom Essentials Box from Bekole

The Bloom Essentials Box is curated especially for girls who are getting their very first period. My mother celebrated my first period with me, giving me a special gift and honouring that very big milestone in my life. That is something I treasure to this day and wish for other mothers to be able to share with their own daughters. The Bloom Box is a really easy way to do this – it has been carefully curated with your girl in mind. Full of practical things to help her navigate these new waters – certified organic pads and liners, a heat pillow, spare knickers, special stickers to help track her period, organic chocolate (crucial!) and a bag to put it all in. Plus some treats too – organic deodorant, organic lip balm and a face cleansing sponge.

Blossom Teen Box:

Blossom Teen Box from Bekole

The Blossom Teen Box is for teens experiencing changes in skin and self-care needs, and/or are curious about trying products and makeup. All organic, natural and eco-friendly, this box is full of goodies that you yourself will probably want to get your hands on. Organic lip balm, deodorant and cleansing sponge – like in the Bloom Box, but with a whole lot more. Tinted cream concealer, mineral lip shine, mascara, nail polish and remover wipes, plus cookies and hot chocolate – and all good for her body and the planet.

There are other boxes to choose from to – the Bloom Mini Pack, the Blossom Tween Box and the Bloom Box Premium.

Have a read through all the contents and you can decide which one best suits your girl!

There is no doubt she will feel special. Perhaps you could make a real celebration of it – take her out somewhere she loves or make her favourite meal. Foster some loving connection and celebrate her and these big changes she is going through.

Hannah Schenker is a freelance writer, editor and regular contributor to The Natural Parent Magazine. She lives with a touch of magic in Golden Bay, New Zealand. 

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