Safe Exercises That You Can Do In The Third Trimester

By Kylee Harris

The third trimester can be the most physically and emotionally challenging part of your pregnancy, as these are the last few weeks before your baby is born. At this stage, you’ll experience fatigue, worry and excitement about meeting your little one, and you may also notice that staying active has become more difficult compared to the earlier days of your pregnancy. Though you may be tempted to skip your workouts at this time, it’s important to stay physically active, since regular exercise during the last few months of your pregnancy may help to reduce backaches, bloating and constipation, and it may even improve your ability to cope with labour. And while there are some exercises that you should definitely avoid, there are some workouts that you can do to keep you strong and healthy. Here are some safe exercises that you can do in the third trimester of your pregnancy. 

Workouts that relieve stress 

It’s normal to feel stressed or worried when you’re almost near your due date, so to cope with these negative emotions, try doing some stress-relieving workouts or activities. Playing darts is a positive way to take your mind off things, since it takes focus and concentration to play the game. Moreover, it doesn’t require sharp or sudden body movements, so you can safely participate in this sport even during the third trimester of your pregnancy. Just make sure to use darts that aren’t made of lead, or use soft tip darts. Another workout that can relieve stress is yoga. Try to find a prenatal yoga class, as this type of class is specifically designed to keep you safe and accommodate your changing body.  

Fun exercises to get you moving 

Exercise should be fun, so why not find an activity you like that will get you moving? Consider signing up for a low-impact aerobics class, a jazz or salsa dancing class, or go on an MP3-guided walk around town. Doing low-intensity workouts for at least 30 minutes a day can help ease pregnancy-related discomforts, such as back pain, and it may even help you to sleep better at night. 

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