Simple Ways To Nurture A Love Of Music From A Young Age

By Kylee Harris

It was Plato who said that “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” Most parents will agree that music can have an immensely beneficial impact on a child’s life. Not only does it improve brain power and teach discipline, but it can also make a child feel relaxed and happy. Despite understanding the value of music, not everyone knows how to instil a love of music in their children. Thankfully, a few basic guidelines are all that is needed to help nurture the inherent adoration for music most children possess. 

Explore musical instruments 

Children absolutely adore playing musical instruments. Start by introducing them to simple, easy-to-play instruments such as triangles, bells, and maracas. You can even search the internet for tutorials on how to make your very own instruments at home.

Playing instruments helps instil a love of music in children and also helps to enhance their fine motor skills.

If your child shows a definite interest in learning to play an instrument, perhaps consider investing in a suitable instrument of their own. Kid-size guitars, for example, are specifically made for smaller hands, enabling them to learn the correct techniques from the start. These guitars are scaled-down versions of full-sized instruments and make it increasingly easier (and more enjoyable) for a young child to learn to play. 

Make musical memories 

One of the simplest ways to instil a love of music in children is by creating memories that are associated with music.

Play some music while preparing their favourite dish or sing a special lullaby as they get ready for bed.

Even otherwise mundane tasks like doing dishes or taking out the trash can become a memorable occasion when you assign a soundtrack to them. Bonding with your child over music, whether it is at home or at an age-appropriate concert, will undoubtedly inspire an appreciation for music.

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