Snoozes all round this winter

A tiny child tucked-up in bed: blankets up to her cheeks, thumb firmly in place. It’s the archetypal childhood image. We want our children to be soothed, warm, especially when winter’s chill seeps through window panes and under doors however much we insulate.

Sleeping Bags

A merino sleeping bag, then, is a must-have for babies and toddlers. The lightweight, soft-as-silk wool keeps sleeping bodies cool when the heating blasts, but toasty all through the night long after the heat-pump has turned down.

Forget anxiously checking through the small hours that blankets are tucked in, or worse have slid to the floor: a sleeping bag ensures that even the wiggliest of toddlers stays cosy-toes warm.

Three Bags Full do a lovely merino Sleepy Owl Sleeping Bag. The long sleeves make getting dressed post-bathtime a cinch.

For little ones with sensitive skin these luxurious new generation muslin sleeping bags from Love to Dream are incredibly warm with a gorgeous 100% natural bamboo filling, they are tempertaure-regulating to keep  your baby comfortable and help reduce the risk of overheating.

For very young babies, or when another layer is needed, Three Bags Full’s textured merino blankets come in a range of neutrals. Eco Distribution also stock organic super-soft cotton baby blankets and throws.

Jumping forward a few years, Linzi do a great range of merino sleep jumpsuits for older kids in bright purple and green stripes.


Have a look at Little Lights small but perfectly formed bedding collection for quirky watermelon and fox prints. For the more basic bassinet fitted sheets, mattress protectors and so on, look to Baby First.

The Next Step…

If it’s time to transition from cot to single bed this winter, Kiwi Living have a range of simple, chic wooden single beds. Choose between a trundler for sleep-overs soon to come, or underbed drawers because who would say no to more storage? Kiwi Living also stock a range of super-comfy mattresses especially designed to distribute weight for maximum comfort.

Bedtime Calm

Despite our best intentions, bedtime often becomes more F1 racetrack than zone of zen. Even if you’ve nailed post-tea relaxation, some little ones just don’t do winding down making so-called sleep time exhausting and miserable for everyone involved.

Enter Dinosnores, meditation CD’s especially written for children. Fun stories that use simple, calming relaxation and visualisation techniques to help busy bees calm down.

Think soundscapes, imaginative stories and guided relaxation that span a child’s sleep cycle to make sure they settle. Designed for babies up to nine-year-olds, give Dinosnores CDs a try if you’re struggling with bedtime.

Snooze Basics

For those bedtime basics that every parent needs look to Baby First. From baby monitors to arm warmers (have you noticed that babies have a tendency to fling their arms above their heads when they sleep?), bassinet co-sleepers to relaxing bath bubbles this retailer has it all.  See also: wool mattresses, bassinet fitted sheets, a huge selection of sleep bags, zip-up swaddles and safety sleep supports. You can find Baby First’s product range at leading baby stores throughout New Zealand. For their full brand and product range, and to find a retailer near you visit

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