Speed Cleaning Tips for Parents

By Resparkle

There’s no denying parenting is wonderful, rewarding and full of all the good things in life.

It’s also full of mess. A lot of mess.

There’s the cooking, the wiping down of benches, the cleaning of floors, the washing of incredibly stained clothing…the list goes on.

With all the cleaning and loving, it’s no wonder we get so very tired. Fear not though, we’re by your side. We’ve compiled the ultimate list of speed cleaning hacks to give you more time for the essentials in life like; scrolling through Instagram, enjoying a hot coffee in peace and also, sleep. Sleep….mmmmm…sleeeeep.

  1. Remove clutter

Clutter can easily overwhelm the house especially with small kids and their toys and knick knacks fighting for all the space! It’s amazing the kind of effect minimising clutter has, both on the home and on your mindset.

Start with a thorough clean-out. If you do this first, upkeep should be relatively simple. In the long run, it will speed up the whole cleaning process. Trust us!

  • Be prepared with cardboard boxes, storage boxes and even a few wicker baskets (or storage boxes / baskets that suit your decor)
  • Work one room / area at a time.
  • Asses the area and notice what does not have a place or what’s taking up precious bench / table space.
  • Go through each item and sort it accordingly. We would suggest a Rubbish/Donate pile, a Storage pile and an Essential pile.
  • Anything that isn’t needed but you want to keep, place in the storage box. Make sure it’s clearly labeled for future reference. Put this box away into a cupboard, shed or even the attic.
  • Sort all rubbish. Donate items that are usable. Recycle what you can!
  • Sort all items you’d like to keep in the room into baskets or decorative storage boxes and display neatly. Think pens, paperwork, toys, phone chargers and so on.
  • Repeat this in every room.
2. Keep cleaning essentials handy

Part of the dilemma when it comes to cleaning is the thought of physically locating all of the required cleaning products and dragging them from room to room. Are we right? A smart solution to this is to keep a stash in every bathroom, bedroom and the kitchen. That way, when you have a spare minute you can quickly scrub the bath, wipe down the benches and so on.

An even wiser move? Invest in an Ultimate Natural All Purpose Cleaning Kit. Our toxin free formula is effective and safe on all surfaces within the home and the kit includes:

  • 1 x Spray head
  • 1 x Refillable bottle
  • 2 x Microfibre cloths
  • 1 x Copper (scratch free) scourer
  • 1 x Refill pod

Having one plant-powered product which targets the whole home reduces clutter AND saves you from investing in every product under the sun.

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