How To Take A Family Holiday That Actually Feels Like A Holiday 

By Samantha Johnson

Any parent who has ever tried to take a vacation with their children (especially young children – think teething babies and relentlessly energetic toddlers!) can tell you that sometimes, your ‘holiday’ can feel like more work than when you’re at home.

Endless packing, coordinating, entertaining… you still find yourself running around just as much as you always do, trying to keep everyone occupied, happy and safe, with the only benefit being a slightly improved view.

A vacation can seem like it’s more effort than it’s worth, and something that won’t provide you with any relaxation or rejuvenation at all.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! With a fresh approach, an open attitude and some practical steps to ensure success, your family holiday can be just as joyous, exciting and as invigorating as the ones you took pre-kids. And maybe, it might just be even better!

1.) Have It All: The easiest way to ensure a relaxing holiday with kids in tow, is to have interesting activities located on site within the grounds of your accomodation.

For our most recent holiday, we stayed at ‘Kookaburra Cottage‘, a Farm Stay in Coastal NSW. This is a holiday option that is aimed to meet the needs of young families, with daily farm tours and tractor rides, lots of animals meandering about the property, an on site play area and plenty of toys, books & activities to keep active minds and bodies entertained.

Having everything available on site means that you avoid the endless monotony of packing the car up, driving, parking, fights about leaving, getting home for naps… having activities that kids can do within your eyesight, while you relax on a deck watching them with a cup of tea in hand, makes a good thing even better!

Steer clear of holiday options that will keep you largely inside. Instead, opt for outdoor adventure.

2.) Go Natural: We all benefit from fresh air, sunshine and a dose of the great outdoors. This is true for children and adults alike. Steer clear of holiday options that will keep you largely inside. Instead, opt for outdoor adventure. Nature-based resorts, farm stays and beachside escapes will all offer hours of entertainment, space to burn off energy, and quiet spots for recharging. The simple act of being in the natural environment has therapeutic benefits for body, mind and soul.

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