How to Feel Inspired While Homesteading

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By Jane Marsh

More young people are returning to a life of living off the land. Homesteading has attracted many individuals because it’s something completely different from what they grew up with, like on-grid electricity, grocery stores and other necessities at their disposal. The rising generation relies on technology but desires to connect to the environment rather than society.  

Whether you’ve recently started your homesteading journey or have been at it for quite some time, it can become overwhelming. Homesteading requires hard work, a passion for dependence on the environment and a self-sufficient lifestyle.

You might sometimes lose that drive to continue, but you can reignite your love for homesteading again.  

Here’s how to feel inspired while homesteading. 

1. Write out your feelings 

First, figure out why you’re in a slump. What made you lose your drive to continue homesteading? Grab a journal and write out all your feelings. Get all the ideas and worries out of your head and onto paper. Sometimes, when you have millions of thoughts, it’s hard to recognise how big or small they are and how they’re impacting your life.  

Journaling is a great way to destress and visualise what’s going on in your homesteading journey. Are you worried that you won’t be able to build a shelter for your animals before winter? Do you feel like you’re not doing enough to support your family? Whatever it is, write it down. This can help you categorise your thoughts and tasks.  

2. Organise your to-do list 

Once you’ve written everything down, take a step back and begin to sort it out. If you have a partner or older kids living with you on your homestead, they can help you organise everything and develop some SMART goals to help accomplish your tasks.

Breaking your thoughts into smaller to-dos can make homesteading seem a lot less daunting and make you realise you can achieve your aims. Establish a timeline and start working on it. 

3. Don’t compare your homestead 

One of the biggest challenges of homesteading life is the comparison trap. Many homesteaders utilise social media to share what their life looks like daily. If you spend too much time watching what others are doing, you may begin to feel uninspired that your homestead isn’t like that.  

Reality check – all humans are different, and no two homesteads look the same. Take a break from social media and focus on your home and how you can improve it. You still can get inspired by other homesteaders, but try to focus on those who offer practical tips for homesteading rather than just showing off what they have. 

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