The 3 excuses mums make for not practising self-care – and how to ditch them

Keep it realistic and do it often. 10 minutes a day here and there can make a big difference.

Here are some ideas – could you:

  • wake 10 minutes earlier to meditate or have a coffee in peace and set your morning intentions?
  • swap the morning Insta scroll to pack your own lunch?
  • leave work 20 minutes earlier to get to a yoga class?
  • find two minutes in your day to simply close your eyes and breathe?
  • use your travel time productively to listen to a podcast or read a book?
  • take a 3-minute mindfulness break each afternoon to breathe in essential oils to calm and reset your mind 
  • outsource anything like cleaning the house or switching to online shopping?
  • replace a late night of Netflix with a bath and early night?

Personally, I love to wake before the kids and plan my day into a schedule with my morning coffee and essential oil diffuser on. I also schedule in a meditation after school drop off because I know this makes the rest of my day more focused and productive.

This habit allows me more freedom later in the day, as I’ve used my time wisely and consciously.

Remember – time is our most precious commodity and we never get it back.

3. I’m too tired

Mumma, this is the EXACT reason you need to prioritise self-care. Self-care will energise, not deplete you. It’s the very thing you need to restore your energy and lift your spirits, and is ESSENTIAL for your physical health.

Here are some options to boost your energy. Can you:

  • include a high-quality supplement into your day to ensure you’re getting the nutrients you need?
  • make simple swaps in your meals from filler foods (bread/crackers/cereal/pasta) to nutrient dense options (vegetables/healthy fats/quality protein) that will energise you?
  • commit to getting enough shut eye at night and a regular bed time?  
  • fit in 10 minutes of fun fitness into your day (because that 10 minutes will boost your energy the rest of the day)?
  • work towards a dream or passion that motivates and inspires you? There is nothing more energising than finding a passion to fuel you.
  • prioritise a visit to a nutritionist to investigate causes, keep you accountable and create an action plan?

So, my friends, I encourage you to ask yourself: What is it that you most need right now? Now create a plan on how you’re going to fit it into your life. Find small pockets of time and do it often.

Still resistant? Find a way to reframe your thinking around self-care because I promise you, putting YOU first creates a positive ripple effect for ALL areas of your life.

Want more simple tips for getting more self-care into your day, using natural remedies to make it a little easier? Take a free 5-Day Wellness Challenge today to experience essential oils as a simple self-care tool at

Sofia Potente, Health Educator and founder of The Natural Switch teaches women how to improve their family’s gut health, and create healthier, happier homes, using essential oils as a tool. She offers online workshops, natural remedies and non toxic solutions for gut friendly, allergy friendly homes. Visit her website and follow her on Facebook for more information.

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