The Clever Body Series: The Beautiful Broad Ligament

To support the broad ligament, Spinning Babies ® offers several techniques, in particular two of the Three Sisters of Balance ™, Reboso Manteada and Forward Leaning Inversion.  

This link provides some wonderful information around how to do the Reboso Manteada. The Reboso Manteada allows a support person to take the role of the broad ligament for a moment in time, which can provide some relief, balance and comfort in pregnancy. It can allow the partner to ‘take the weight’ of the baby for just a few minutes. It’s also a fantastic technique as it is a gentle, slow jiggle and fascia loves to let go with a jiggle.

A Forward Leaning Inversion may also support the broad ligament to ‘take a break’ and also support itself to come into balance. This link will provide the information around how to do a forward leaning inversion and the contraindications of doing a forward leaning inversion (FLI). Pleased read the contraindications – it’s important to only attempt an FLI if you feel well, healthy and you don’t have any contraindications such as high blood pressure, glaucoma or indigestion. It’s also important that you have an appropriate support person right by your side and you are confident with your upper body strength.

Our bodies are just so amazing! After the birth, the womb that held the baby, placenta and amniotic fluid shrinks back down to the size of a small pear.

The broad ligament that grew to hold and support the womb shrinks back down with the womb and also continues to hold and support the positioning of the ovaries, fallopian tubes and ovarian ligaments. A forward leaning inversion or Reboso Manteada can also be useful when non-pregnant for supporting the broad ligament to be comfortable. 

Tips for comfort

  • Soften into slower and more mindful movements. This helps to avoid over stretching. 
  • Remain active in gentle ways like walking and swimming. Movement always helps to keep us well.  
  • Belly dance and rock your hips – especially while in a hands and knees position.  
  • Wear a belly belt or firm abdominal support. (this can help support the weight of the growing uterus and the broad ligament). 
  • Try to maintain stability in your pelvis by keeping knees aligned.  

Spinning Babies ® encourages the principles of balance, gravity and movement ™ and offers several suggestions to practically support the integration of balance, gravity and movement in pregnancy.   

The Spinning Babies ® Three Sisters of Balance ™ are perfect for support alignment and comfort in the pelvis and can be beneficial during pregnancy and also a great tool to supporting ease in birth.

The Three Sister of Balance ™ are: 

Reboso Sifting 
Forward leaning inversion  
Side lying release. 

Spinning Babies ® also offers the Daily Essentials ™ these provide simple practical suggestions for maintaining body balance and wellness.  

Pregnancy and birth is such an exciting time. We welcome new little beings in and also have the opportunity for welcoming in new growth, learning and body awareness.

With awareness comes power. Our bodies are such intelligent and powerful creatures. Our bodies have so much potential for comfort, ease and pleasure. The third article in the clever body series will cover our incredible bony pelvis.

“There is more wisdom in your body than there is in the deepest philosophy” Friedrich Nietzsche. 

Claire is a mother, Midwife, Spinning Babies ® Approved Trainer and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist. She provides care for families choosing home birth and she offers private bodywork sessions in Auckland for pregnancy, postnatal, babies or anyone wishing to have support with women’s issues. Claire offers private birth support classes in your home or via zoom. She can be contacted at

Claire has the honour of facilitating Spinning Babies ® workshops in New Zealand and internationally. For information on Spinning Babies ® workshops you can click on this link

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