The Value of the Journey – Setting Goals That Help You Grow

By Tanya Carr-Smith

Do you find that when it comes to the goals you want to achieve, you start saying to yourself:

“I’ll do it when the kids start high school.”

“Once they are big enough I can do more for myself.”

“I will put it on the wish list.”

Guess what? That time never comes. Not because your children do not start high school or they do not become big enough or because it is on your wish list, but because we tend to see our life revolving around the small people in our lives. We forget, or make excuses for why we cannot treat ourselves with the same value that we bestow upon our children. You would always encourage your children to achieve their goals, right?

As parents -particularly mothers – we all have goals of some description that we want to achieve. These goals can be big or small. If you choose to set aside excuses and instead empower and value yourself, you will be closer to achieving your goals than you think.

When we can separate our own lives from our children’s, we enable ourselves to have an identity. We enable ourselves to be stronger and confident.

Placing value on ourselves shares a very powerful lesson with our children. We show them the importance of nurturing our own dreams and that if you make a plan, even if it fails, you have already achieved something – you have grown through the goal journey.

Once we decide on a goal, we need to put some steps into place and decide why this goal is important to us. Our big goals have milestones along the way that need to be completed to get there. Remember though, your goal can change – it is not set in stone.

Let’s look at how you can break down your big goal in 4 steps.

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