Three Moves to Help Postnatal Mamas

By Laura Mason

Today’s article will provide some much needed movements for those of you that are in the thick of newborn motherhood. Firstly, congratulations on your bundle of joy. I hope that you are getting some rest after the hard work of growing, birthing and caring for a baby. It’s no small feat and you should be celebrating the small wins each day. 

Secondly, it’s OK if you aren’t doing what you used to in terms of movement. That will come with time. For now just focus on some movement each day. Even if it’s just movement that will ease some of the tension you may be experiencing and make you feel a little more energised. Here are three gentle exercises to mobilise your upper back, spine and shoulders and also get your butt working, which will move fresh blood around, release endorphins and hopefully leave you smiling and ready for more baby-related things.

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Why: This will open your chest and reverse the forward rounding that occurs with all of the feeding. It will also rotate your spine which should stretch across your abdominals and perhaps even your lower back.

How: Lie on your side with a pillow under your head. Lengthen your top hip away from your top ribs and draw your underneath waist up. Inhale as you take your top arm towards the ceiling and away for your other arm. Make sure that your eyes follow your hand. Exhale to close the hands back together again.

Repeat x10/side

Shoulder protraction/retraction kneeling

Why: This will help to increase strength of the upper back, which is really important to help support all of the cuddling movements you do in the early weeks and months after childbirth.

How: Kneeling on your hands and knees, inhale and allow your rib cage to drop away from your shoulder blades. The shoulder blades will draw towards one another. Exhale to press the rib cage upwards, separating the shoulder blades. If your wrists don’t enjoy this, lean your forearms onto a low box or chair.

Repeat x 20

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