Tinti – Fun in the Tub!

Is kids bath time causing you stress?

Is it a drama even getting the kids enthused about bath time?

Do your kids need a little encouragement to wash their hands?

Bath time and hand washing fun is guaranteed with Tinti products!
Kids can let their creativity run wild with naturally coloured Painting Soaps, Bathwater Colours, Kneading Soaps, Foams and Crackling Bath.

Painting Soaps and Kneading Soaps make washing hands fun too!
Tinti provides colourful and creative fun for kids, in the bath, the shower, the paddling pool, and endless water table fun.

Tinti products are made with natural and food colours and plant extracts such as calendula, elderberries and gardenia. Kids get clean while they’re having a ball in the bath!

  • Doesn’t stain skin or bath
  • Natural colours and food colours
  • Ideal for something a bit different in Christmas stockings this year
  • Free from soap, sulphates, petrochemicals, parabens, SLS, PEGs
  • Free from synthetic chemical fragrances and preservatives
  • Excellent skin tolerance, gentle for skin
  • Surfactants, cleaning agents, have a skin friendly pH
  • Gluten free
  • Specially developed for children
  • Made in Germany

“It has always been a challenge to get my 7 year old son to have a bath or a shower but all I have to do now is show him any of the Tinti products, not only does he head straight for the bath, he takes ages to get out! I absolutely love the fact they are natural too!”

“My grandson loved Tinti Bath Foam, he was squirting it all over the bathroom, lots of fun, will be purchasing more for Christmas, a firm favourite.”

Tinti Painting Soap: Available in 3x 10ml Sachets $4.95, and 70ml tubes of blue, red and green for $7.95 each.
Painting Soap for kids to paint to their heart’s content and get clean at the same time! Simply squeeze the colour from the tube and let the little artist do the rest. Makes washing hands colourful fun too!

Kneading Soap: 3 pack of yellow, red and green soaps $8.95.
Kneading Soap can be moulded into creative shapes at any time; kids can then take their shape into the bath with them or use it to wash their hands.

Tinti Bath Foam: Available in pink and blue 75ml $7.95 each.
Kids just love foamy fun.

Tinti Bathwater Colours:  Available in pink, blue and green $6.95 each.
Tinti Bathwater Colour 3 pack comes with 3 tablets to colour the bath or paddling pool water. Kids watch the play of colours if two different colours are used. Magic Wand takes a Bathwater Colour tablet for even more magical fun!

Tinti Magic Bath entrances kids, drop the ball into bath water or paddling pool and it buzzes around the water bringing colour and once it’s dissolved there’s another surprise in store, wonder what that could be?! PLUS each pack contains a surprise sticker too.

Tinti Crackling Bath 3 pack: $7.95.
Crackling and popping, kids just love Tinti Crackling Bath. Sprinkle some into a metal bowl for even more crackling noise.

Tinti Toys

Tinti Squeaky Toy: Available in blue, red and yellow. $10.95 each.
Tinti octopus character comes as a colourful squeaky toy, bobbing around on the surface of the water and squeaking softly when they are given a squeeze. They are ideal playmates for kids and are made of PVC and have passed all the safety tests prescribed by the EU.

Tinti Magic Wand for Bathwater Colours. $15.95.
Magic Wand for Bathwater Colours makes colouring the bath or paddling pool water even more fun for kids.

Tinti Magic Face Towel 30cm x 30cm: $3.95.
Just pop the little parcel into the bath water and watch it magically turn into a colourful face cloth for kids.

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Tinti was founded in 1997. Emphasis is placed on the development of fun bath and skin care products that set new benchmarks in terms of health and the environment and provide children with endless scope for creativity, fantasy and fun. All of the company’s products satisfy the highest quality requirements and contain no preservatives. Dermatological tests have verified their excellent skin compatibility. The broad range of products sold under the Tinti brand offers non-hazardous, natural and colourful bathing fun for children.

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