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Soléo Organics

Skin Elements Limited is a local Australian company dedicated to designing, formulating and manufacturing natural, organic, health and wellness products for Australia and the global market.

We partner with nature to source only the best, most healthy ingredients for our brands and through our expertise in science and innovation, we produce products that are disrupting the industry without harming our planet.

Why we do what we do

Skin Elements began with three Aussies who had always believed in the power of natural alternatives and new technologies to revolutionise various industries. A naturopath, an entrepreneur and an accountant all shared their vision of a company that could design and produce natural and organic products for a global market.

The Skin Elements formula for everything we do is based on the SKIN acronym:

Science Knowledge Innovation Nature

These core values help us focus on utilising nature’s power to revitalise, rejuvenate, rehydrate and repair our skin without the use of synthetic chemicals so that both humanity and our planet are benefited and enriched.

Our founders started from very humble beginnings in a small, shared office in West Perth. The office was soon overflowing with our signature product Soléo Organics Sunscreen and we were forced to move to a larger office. With the acquisition of the McArthur Pawpaw brand (now known as PapayaActivs), our therapeutic skincare products and team grew further. Our company now has expanded to a new shop front and offices at 1242 Hay St, West Perth in WA.

A significant event

After working through many formula variations and experimenting with different natural ingredients, it is always hard to say that you have arrived at the ultimate final formula, as the process itself is of continuous improvement. When the EWG (The Environmental Working Group) judged Soléo #1 out of over 1700 sunscreens all the hard work and dedication was justified and validated.

Balancing work & family

Work and family are integrated at Skin Elements as often the kids help out with big projects and packing jobs working, alongside their parents. Designing all-natural organic products is also a great bonus in that the new R&D work make their way home to be used and enjoyed by the family, and new product tests have a way of engaging with friends and family.

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