Why Mothers Are Queens

So this week, I make a toast to all of the incredible mamas out there who have set intentions to offer the best they could to their children. To all of the mama’s who have cared enough about their values and beliefs to show up even when they felt broken, even when it all seemed too hard.

I see you.

I see the sacrifices you’ve made and the hard yards you’ve put in with often little verbal appreciation.

Every mama has her down periods. Her times when she questions if she’s doing enough, doing the right thing, giving all she can. Every mama has thoughts of “I can’t do this anymore”, “I can’t stand my kids”, “I don’t know what I’m doing”.

And it is through community, sharing and celebration that we help one another to rise. Reminding us of the Queendom that is motherhood. For it is a fierce and dedicated woman who chooses to take on this role – one of the most important and influential roles on the planet.

Wherever you’re at on your motherhood journey – be it just starting out or your children have grown and left home, I invite you to celebrate with me today.

We celebrate ourselves, our sisters, the step mothers who stepped up and in. We bow deeply in recognition of the light you are in the world.

There’s a reason women get this opportunity.

We are born leaders of the heart and that, dear sister is something to be damn proud of.

After a recent miscarriage, I was meditating on the beach in Byron Bay, Australia. Out of the stillness of my grief, ‘Mama Goddess‘ – the business, was conceived. Later that year, she was ‘born’ and launched – making it my mission to bring light, healing and empowerment to women and mothers around the world.

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