Time to Feel Good With Family Focus Remedial Therapies

If people are calm and well in their thoughts and beliefs, they feel better in their bodies and recovery is quicker and easier.

The Drive: What challenges have you overcome?

I think probably my biggest challenge has been overcoming people’s beliefs. When I first started massage, it was still quite alternative and had many negative connotations around it. Then as I moved into emotional therapies, that was still really new as well and there was little understanding of how stress affects the body and how our thoughts are so powerful. Thankfully that is now changing and there are many options out there.

For better or worse: What are the pros and cons of running your own business?

I love having my own business and the pros include the flexibility I have had over the years and being able to attend all the girls things, being able to set my own hours, all the new things I have learned and of course the personal growth I have experienced through building a business.

Cons: I really enjoy what I do, however, I don’t enjoy marketing, accounts, etc. Although it has been amazing being able to spend time with the girls, when I am doing that I am not making money. Also the frustration when an idea doesn’t work out how I hoped it would, a big part of that being that it is only me – I don’t have a business or life partner to bounce ideas off and to keep things in perspective (by the way, flower essences are one thing I use to help me through many of these struggles).

Hopes and dreams: What next?

What next is spreading the word far and wide, letting people know that flower essences are not just a little add on, they are in fact a standalone, amazing therapy. They are really powerful and do change lives. Helping parents to feel like they do have things they use to support their family in tough times, giving parents the sense of control and empowerment – they are not helpless.

Flower essences are safe for every family member no matter their age, and can be given to your pets as well. A consultation does not need to be done in person – a Skype call or even a phone call will work just as well.

To find out more about flower essences feel free to contact me (Leanne), on phone 027 289 2984, or purchase your very own family wellness pack right here http://ffrt.bigcartel.com/product/familywellness so you can try out these amazing blends for yourself.

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