From IVF to a Rare Health Condition: One Determined Mama’s Journey

To cope with the anxiety and stress of the unknown journey that lay before me, I was forced to find a way to cope both physically and mentally. Not only for my own sake but also for my loving husband who was my rock throughout and to give my unborn child the very best environment in which to grow and mature enough to survive post-birth. Exercise was paramount in assisting me to deal with the stress of my first pregnancy in a healthy way.

Exercise was paramount in assisting me to deal with the stress of my first pregnancy in a healthy way.

Unfortunately, my normal activewear was so uncomfortable and did not properly fit with my ever-expanding body. Most clothing items were either too loose and I needed to be constantly tugging it back into place or else it was too tight and restricted my movement and rubbed or left indentation marks on my skin. Add to this, the fact that what was already on the market was either really expensive, or very poor quality. It was at this time that I began to think about alternative clothing designs that might prove more comfortable and better meet my need for exercising.

However, it was during my second pregnancy with my daughter, that Maze Activewear was also born. I decided to make my own pregnancy and nursing activewear that I felt comfortable wearing not only at the gym and during Pilates classes, but also when spending time at the park with my son whilst multi-tasking and feeding my daughter. I realised then that so many other mums in my stage of life as a busy mother might also be looking for good quality, comfortable and attractive activewear.

I wanted these garments to be incredibly comfortable and affordable, as we all know that having a baby can take a financial toll, and this in turn can be very stressful. In creating Maze Activewear, I believed it was my way of paying it forward, and helping the mummy community to make things just that little bit easier.

Maze was launched two days before my baby girl was born, in May 2017. In order to continue our quest of helping new mothers, and mothers to be, we’ve also decided to partner up with PANDA. $2 from each item sold is donated to PANDA to help with the wonderful work they do supporting mums and mums to be with the emotional stresses of becoming a mother.

Isn’t it interesting how such amazing business ideas seem to spring forth once a woman becomes a mother? If you’re interested in finding some quality activewear designed for pregnant and breastfeeding mamas, then check out Maze Activewear. You’ll be supporting an awesome mama in her business while you get yourself kitted out in affordable, comfortable gear that will get you on the move. 

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