10 simple swaps for better gut health

7. Swap a fruit smoothie for a green smoothie

Did you know a typical fruit smoothie contains as much sugar as a can of Coke?

Guaranteed to leave you feeling bloated, raise your insulin levels and keep you craving sugar the rest of the day.

Choose a low sugar, green smoothie instead. My favourite is made with a plant-based milk, spinach, avocado, celery, nuts and a small amount of banana – the kids love it too!

8. Swap processed cereals for nourishing porridge

It may be tempting to choose a gluten-free cereal as a healthier option.

But did you know gluten-free cereals are often no different to regular processed cereals? They can contain just as much sugar, additives, and preservatives with minimal nutrients.

Swap to a more nourishing option such as porridge topped with seeds, nuts, shredded coconut or berries.

Or make your own version with a tray of mixed seeds, coconut flakes, rolled oats or quinoa flakes, coconut oil and honey toasted under the oven.

Or try a soaked chia seed porridge topped with berries and coconut yoghurt.

There are plenty of options that your gut will thank you for! You’ll find cookbooks with healthy breakfast suggestions in my free Gut Health Action Plan.

Did you know a typical fruit smoothie contains as much sugar as a can of Coke?

9. Swap rushing for slowing down

Are you always rushing on to the next thing, without taking a breath?

Spare a thought for how this affects your digestion.

When we are under constant stress, our sympathetic nervous system, or the ‘fight or flight’ system is activated. This raises our heart rate and releases stress hormones – and diverts blood away from our digestive tract to the muscles, so that we can run away from whatever is threatening us. In other words – our digestive system essentially shuts down.

Slowing down, being more mindful and simply including a deep breathing practice into your day can help support every function of the body, including the digestive system.

To enhance your deep breathing and mindfulness practice with the power of aromatherapy, check out the Emotional Aromatherapy Kit here or get your free Cheat Sheet Stress, Sleep and Self Care.

10. Swap harsh options to natural remedies

Are you or loved ones on reflux medications? Did you know more than 15,000 lawsuits have been filed against manufacturers of reflux medications for harms caused? What if I told there are other options without harsh effects that actually work? See this article to help you make an informed decision on your options and, as always, speak with your doctor before ceasing any medications.

Which of these tips will you try? Pop one on a post-it note on the fridge as your daily reminder.

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With over 16 years experience in health education and research, Sofia is a Gut Health Coach, Certified Integrative Health Practitioner and Essential Oil Specialist. Sofia holds postgraduate qualifications in public health (MPH). As a finalist in the Local Business Awards, Sofia’s work has been published in peer reviewed health journals, The Natural Parent Magazine and Thrive Global.

Gut health is her life passion! After struggling with her own son’s severe reflux and digestive problems, Sofia healed and transformed both her son’s and her own gut using a combination of diet, natural remedies and removing household chemicals. She now teaches this same holistic approach that brings together mindset, food and home in her Healthy Gut Reset program and 1:1 Gut Health Practitioner services.

As founder of The Natural Switch, Sofia has helped over 500 women kickstart a healthier, low tox lifestyle and take simple steps to love and nourish their gut, nurture their soul and detox their life. Visit her website and follow her on Facebook and Instagram for more information. 

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